News from Nikki

October, 2017

Hello October!! How did October arrive so quickly! I always amazed at how quickly time just goes zipping by! Before I know it November will be here and I will be 50…. Oh my!! I want to say Happy 19th Anniversary to Weddington Tennis. It was back in October of 1998 that I moved Nikki’s Tennis Crew to Weddington. My beloved Racquet Centre closed it doors after being my home for twenty one years. Once again it is that time going way to quickly!! 
I want to do a moment for to all those affected by the recent natural and man created disasters. I know many of our NTC members have family in Las Vegas, Mexico and Puerto Rico as well as other places being hit with challenging situations. Please know that we hold a place for their well-being.  
October there is so much to tell you about I am not sure where to start! Junior Team Tennis starts on October 1st. I can’t wait to hear how all the teams do. We are hosting four teams this season. They will be playing all over the valley and even at Santa Monica High School this season. We have a couple new players but most are returning players. We can use a couple more so if your child is interested, please let me know. I am really excited that we have lots of captains for the teams this season so all the matches will have great coaches helping the kids! Thank you to everyone who is helping! The adult season started a couple weeks ago. I know we have a couple injuries so fielding full teams have been a bit challenging. We are always looking for more players. I heard a ladies doubles went to a third set 9-10 tiebreaker. Oops!!!!  Reminder to everyone, it is win by two points!! More work to be done! 
Junior and adult classes have been going really well! I need to do a special shout out to Shara who has been helping with the junior classes. As you know I have been also coaching the Campbell Hall JV team and Shara has been stepping in running the classes while I have been at their practices and matches. It is so wonderful to know that all the classes are in good hands along with Will, Allen and Harrison. Thank you all for making this season so wonderful for me!! I will be back in a few weeks to teach most classes!! The Wednesday adult class has been packed! Such a fun class. The Friday and Saturday classes are going well too. I need to rebuild our Monday class a bit. It seems to have drifted off. If you are interested in the Monday 10:00-11:00am class let me know. 
Check out this month’s dedicated article below on mindfulness and tennis. I am amazed at how many people are checking their cell phones during matches and lessons. 
I think my favorite thing to do is to organize things. I love to put things together. I love to run events. Sooooo when we were talking about fundraising in our church board meeting. (Somehow I ended up on a board!!) I came up with a brilliant idea to raise money for our church. I grabbed Barbara Tscherne another church member/tennis coach and said let’s put together a tennis event. She has some nice courts for us to use. I went around to local restaurants and got some food. Voila a tennis event is organized!! See Events page for more details!
This month’s what up with the crew is awesome. We feature another tennis coach Stacey who has turned her physical pain into helping others. My friend Karen is laughing because I have a rule you can’t talk about Christmas until after Halloween yet here I am with a great Christmas idea. NTC member Kathryn Pitt is an amazing artist. She has painted many presents for me. Check out her website if you are looking for a fun, heartfelt and wonderful holiday present for a friend. 
Remember our facebook group page has lots of information, fun photos and just a great way to stay in contact with our “tennis family” and what is going at our home courts and abroad.
Tennis and Mindfulness

I love technology. I love the fact, I can be at Weddington and know who is at my front door. I adore the fact, I can text people to confirm lessons. Now if I am running late, no need to stress to get there, just a simple “traffic bad am on my way”. On the other hand, technology never gives us “our time”. Nikki I tried calling you. Well I was in a middle of a lesson, I wasn’t able to answer. My favorite was when a student in my middle of a lesson exclaimed “OMG a plane just landed on the 405.” I looked around wondering how does she know that? Was she having a psychic moment?? Then I noticed her Apple Watch on her wrist. 

I feel there is a fine line between technology good and technology bad. I have a new rule with the juniors. When they come on the court, they pile their cell phones and can only check them on the hour or half. Or they have to be in their tennis bags. I got tired on them on the phone at every water break. 
I know adults are trying to fit tennis in between work and family so I understand when they need to answer a work call or text. But what happened to the time, you could come and play tennis and not worry about the world or work falling apart. I think there is something sacred about having time for yourself without the rest of the world invading your energy. 
As I approach my 50th birthday (OMG) I am finding I want more quiet and not to be bombarded with news and technology. I am learning to not be connected to my phone 24/7. Well at least trying. I love the weekends when I go to the prison because I am not allowed to have my phone from 6:30am-5:00pm. Footnote that is this weekend September 30/October 1 so if you tried to reach me this is why I didn’t return your email or phone call yet. 
I offer you this. Next time you go play a match or have a lesson, perhaps turn your phone off. Okay baby steps put it on airplane mode. Use a watch to check the time so you aren’t tempted to look at the work text or see the latest ridiculous tweet by someone or check facebook. Keep your mind focused on what is going on “on the court”. When you sit down for water, notice the sounds the birds are making, look at the pretty palm trees surrounding Weddington. How blue is the sky today? Is there a soft breeze blowing? What do you need to do differently to win the match? What are you doing well? Notice your breath. Just feel the air coming in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel your muscles relax. What is your plan for the next game. 
I am really loving learning all this mindful/spiritual stuff to share with you. I read a wonderful book. It is a book to read a little bit every day. “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen” by Mark Nepo. I love teaching tennis and on the side I do Spiritual Counseling for Center’s of Spiritual Living in Granada Hills as a licensed Practitioner. 
Referrals are the best compliment. Please invite your friends and kids friends to join us. Juniors first time is free. Camp not included. I always have extra rackets for invited guests to use. (and if you ever forget your racket, I will have one)
Keep your head up and reach for that toss,
Big Hugs Coach Nikki